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At EC Credit, we go beyond merely offering a debt-free program to help people overcome financial debt. We provide education and practical application to our customers because we understand that achieving financial freedom takes more than just a program. Our mission is to assist individuals and families across the United States and Puerto Rico manage their finances effectively and resolving financial crises. With professional counseling and educational resources, we are dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. Our team

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Our purpose at Ec Credit is to help you achieve your goals. We strive to be a part of your success and will meet with you at the end of every assignment to ensure we have done our best to support you.

Our mission is to consistently provide excellent service at every step and become the leading credit repair company by delivering value to our customers and employees.

Our values are evident in everything we do and the way we operate. By clearly expressing these core values, we have a framework to help us make decisions when priorities conflict and establish collaboration guidelines within our organization. When we meet their satisfaction, everyone wins. Our services

In the United States, credit card debt has become a widespread issue, with Americans owing over $840 billion and the amount increasing each year. However, it is important to note that many individuals are not accumulating debt due to reckless spending. Instead, factors such as a decrease in income, unexpected expenses, and medical bills not covered by insurance are often the primary causes of credit card debt.

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