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    Repair Your Credit In A Personalized Way

    Our personalized assistance is essential for removing inaccuracies from your credit report, which is crucial in achieving your dreams.

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    Dept Free Finance Solutions

    Consolidate your credit card bills and personal loans with our debt management program. Enjoy a single monthly payment with a lower interest rate, making it easier to manage your debts.

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    The most exceptional combination of services

    Our services are the best available in the market. We will evaluate your finances and find debt relief programs that work for you. Our experts will provide a crystal clear explanation of your credit card's interest rate and fee structure. You can trust us to deliver the best results possible.

Quality Services

At EC Credit, we can help lower your debt and improve your credit score by paying only a portion of your current outstanding balance.

Valuable Services

We are here to help you find debt relief options and assess your credit score. Your situation matters to us and we have solutions to offer.

Budget Friendly

Our low-cost program offers plans to assist you in credit repair and debt consolidation. You can also make use of our free consultation.

Suport 24/7

We offer bilingual service in both English and Spanish. Additionally, any disputes we handle are specifically related to the 3 Credit Bureaus.


Our Purpose, Mission
and Values

Our purpose at Ec Credit is to help you achieve your goals. We strive to be a part of your success and will meet with you at the end of every assignment to ensure we have done our best to support you.

Our mission is to consistently provide excellent service at every step, with the goal of becoming the leading credit repair company by delivering value to both our customers and employees. When we meet their satisfaction, everyone wins.

Our values are evident in everything we do and the way we operate. By clearly expressing these core values, we have a framework to help us make decisions when priorities conflict and to establish guidelines for collaboration within our organization.

Carlos Ramirez

Founder & CEO


What we bring to you

Credit Repair

EC Credit repair experts possess extensive experience of over 20 years and are well-versed in enhancing credit scores for individuals from diverse financial backgrounds. We achieve this by rigorously challenging any erroneous details that may appear on your credit report.

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Financial Consulting

Our debt expert is not only friendly but also highly dedicated to providing you with a thorough understanding of all the available options, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages. This information will enable you to make an informed decision that best suits your unique financial situation.

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Debt Settlement & Debt Consolidation

Debt settlement effectively reduces your balance via negotiations, allowing you to pay less. On the other hand, debt consolidation combines all your debts into one loan, offering a lower interest rate and a single payment.Our experts will let you know all your options.

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Strategic Planning

Dealing with credit card debt can be difficult and overwhelming. That's why EC Credit is here to offer guidance and assistance in finding the right solution for your debt relief. But before we get started, it's important that you have a clear understanding of the interest rates and fees associated with your credit card.

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Financial Projections

EC Credit offers various debt relief solutions to help you manage your credit card debt and simplify your finances. Our options include credit counseling, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and organizing your credit card statements for DIY debt repayment. Take control and choose the best solution for you.

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ID Protection & Support

Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer service that ensures complete satisfaction. We understand the significance of safeguarding your identity and offer resources for your financial and emotional well-being. Rest assured, your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

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Our Credit Bureaus

Equifax, Experian, TransUnion.

Debt Consolidation Program Options

Your Credit, Your Identity, Our Protection.

We take great care to keep a close eye on your Equifax credit report, ensuring that any changes are quickly brought to your attention and that you receive the support you need to manage them effectively.u recover from ID theft so you can focus on living your financial best.


EC Credit Solutions

It is imperative that you keep track of your credit score and receive daily updates without any hassle. Our powerful tools enable you to explore your credit potential and safeguard your hard-earned work with Credit Lock Plus. It is essential to take advantage of disputes as a valuable tool for managing your credit health. You can quickly, easily, and securely manage your information through the EC Credit Service Center.

Personal Credit Loan

Finance Assistance

With EC Credit, you can easily check your loan offers without worrying about damaging your credit score. Our speedy online form ensures a swift solution for a personal loan with a fixed rate, making it an excellent option for those who need it most. Although it may not be the ideal choice for individuals with exceptional credit, we are confident that our service will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Purchase Housing Counseling

EC Credit Consulting

At EC Credit, our certified housing counselors are here to assist you with making the right decision when it comes to buying a home. We will thoroughly evaluate your budget and provide you with actionable recommendations for improvement. Additionally, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your credit report to determine your eligibility for a mortgage. Trust us to provide you with the guidance you need to make the best possible choice.

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Ec Credit

We work with all major credit bureaus.


We offer assistance in negotiating reduced rates with your bill providers, enabling you to retain the savings without the associated hassle. Additionally, we provide the service of blocking unwanted access to your Experian credit file and sending alerts regarding any suspicious activity.

Our advanced detection capabilities enable us to identify risks that you might otherwise overlook, such as dark web leaks and fraudulent bank accounts. Discover the impact of recent changes in medical collection debt reporting on credit reports.


Gain clarity on your financial standing as you learn about how lenders utilize your credit scores, empowering you to make well-informed decisions for any future purchases. Credit scores in the excellent range typically signify low-risk borrowers, potentially enhancing your chances of obtaining loans more easily.

Here's a comprehensive overview of what you need to understand about excellent credit scores. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the concept of installment and revolving credit accounts, and acquire the ability to distinguish the fundamental variances between the two.


Elevate your credit management to new heights by availing yourself of UNLIMITED access to our comprehensive credit and debt analysis services. Our cutting-edge platform offers personalized insights tailored to your unique financial situation, guiding you towards making smarter credit moves.

As a distinguished global information and insights company, our primary mission is to foster trust and reliability in the marketplace, ensuring that both consumers and organizations can transact with confidence. UNLIMITED access to our credit and debt.